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Wooden|Vinyl|Laminate|Cork|Carpet|Stone floor industry.

ARFloor is your personal room Designer.
Comprehensive solutions for realtime floor visualisation.

Our solutions help Designers, Architects and Consumers to find the right floor for the room. First time it's possible to make Realtime Floor Visualisation at home in one click.

Solution 1

Floor Visualisator

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Solution 2

Augmented Reality app

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ARFloor Benefits Your Business

The future of the sales is the combination of digital consultation and personal contact. Take advantage of the unimagined possibilities of Augmented Reality.


Your products come via app to your customer's home in the living room or in the design office. Your customer sees the dreamed floor in real time - true customer orientation. If desired with connection to an online shop.


Use the ARFloor app to present your products. As many as you wish. You change and refresh as often as you like and highlight those products that are important to you.


The customers use the ARFloor app to inform themselves, to create themselves an "image". Simple and effortless, your products are in the digital shop window.


Security for the seller and the customer. ARFloor gives you a clear picture of what the floor looks like in the customer's room. Color, sorting, structure are recognizable down to the last detail. There are no surprises. We use the “language” of the real-time image!

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